New Versions

Hey guys! We just finished making an updated version of DeepSolitaire. Now the color scheme is  lighter, the menu has more custom options, and there are a couple of gameplay changes to keep it interesting.

Deep Solitaire? What’s that? 

It’s better. I got tired of plain Solitaire a long time ago—guessing and losing again and again—so I made Deep Solitaire and I like it a lot better. It lets you see everything—

But that’s cheating! 

—no, it’s not! It’s a new game. You can make the most of every situation, you always finish, and when you’re good you win more than you lose.

Pick up the Android game on Google Play or Amazon, or download the PC app here, or go to and try it online.

What about iPad?

That’s coming soon. We’re writing as fast as we can! Stay tuned.

— Stuart


Introducing Solo

Solo is like classic Klondike Solitaire but with a twist. It gives you an easy  interface with three-card draw and  the usualboard setup, but when you get tired of guessing about the hidden cards, you can peek!

That’s cheating! 

No, it’s not, it’s deeper. You can see more, so you can do more — good players win about half the time. Hit the Peek button and step up your game!


Introducing Plus

Plus takes the regular Klondike Solitaire game and decides that it’s not good enough.  Losing the game just because of blind luck doesn’t sit right with people who want to win through strategy.  To compensate, we have made two big changes to the game so that everyone can win, and so players can compete against one another on the same game.

First, we made all of the cards visible!  By seeing where all of the cards in the deck and the reserve are located, players can plan strategies to win the game and use more skill to earn a high score.
Second, we added escapes so that you can always finish the game. Nobody likes to quit!  Instead of measuring your success by wins and losses, you get a score based on the cards you send to Home, minus penalties for any necessary escapes. You can’t always get a perfect score, but you always have a chance to do your best.
Now it’s time to put your skills to the test!



Introducing Max

Max takes all of the familiarity of Klondike Solitaire, combines it with the escapes of Plus, and then throws in its own special feature: 6 suits!  As players of Plus will know, everyone will win the game, and the challenge is to minimize escapes in the quest for a perfect game.  However, Max takes this mechanic and turns it up a notch with 2 extra suits and a new way to score points.

First, just like in Plus, all of the cards are visible for more strategic play.  Also, there are escapes to make sure that everyone can win. The only functional difference is that there are 6 suits in play, and every field column will start at the 8 instead of the king at the top.

On top of that, Max adds a new runs feature.  When moving a card to the foundation, you score 1 point.  If you immediately move another card of the same suit to Home, a player scores 2 points: 1 for the card and 1 more for the run.  If you lay a third card in succession, you score 3 more points, and so on.  With 6 suits and 7 possible field columns, this increases your ability to gain points through runs, especially near the end of a game!

In Max, use runs and battle escapes to get over 100 points in this new Solitaire variation that has never been seen before!